24. 01. 2021

Quantification of Value in Sales Proposals

To accelerate the sales process and win at the right price, it’s essential to quantify the value of your solution. If you don’t present your value and ROI effectively, you risk losing to no-decision, budget being shifted to other projects with a higher priority and discussions centered on price.

On 11th February at 5 pm Central European Time, we are hosting a webinar about ROI selling on the Sales Expert Channel together with our guest Mike Genstil, CEO of VisualizeROI.

In this 45-minute session, we will explore the following topics:

1.       What are the negative effects of not employing value selling?

2.       At what stages in the sales process can ROI quantification be most useful? 

3.       When do you not need an ROI?

4.       What barriers prevent organizations from effectively adopting ROI selling?

5.       Which types of organizations tend to succeed in operationalizing ROI selling and which ones do not? 

6.       How do you calculate an ROI in the most basic form?

7.       What are best practices in showing your ROI visually?

Below is the link to the meeting if you would like to sign up yourself and/or invite other colleagues to attend.


Looking forward to seeing you there.