27. 05. 2019

Are you communicating the change correctly?

We are in a period of accelerating pace of the development of the society and this process is accompanied by many changes. In the neighborhood of each of us there are new, previously unknown opportunities. The ‚how to go on‘ decision gets a strategic dimension and can represent a vital shift in the functioning of individuals, families, businesses, and in both directions. Everyone follows a positive direction by this change and tries to take a decision after evaluating the situation. I am not going to deal with the question what change it is because it is always an original step forward and is based on the nature of the subject in the process of change.

I am going to deal with a communication of the ongoing change in the company, because we are not winners yet, even if we manage to start the proper change in the right time. I will explain why.

If you do not want to get into a ‚dead end‘, always try to name everything, if possible, truthfully. This is where I can see a vital necessity for proper communication of the ongoing change. This reflects not only inside the company but also externally and concerns the most established habits. This is the very moment I think that is decisive for success. If it is not timely and comprehensibly explained to everyone, why the change happens, how it will affect the participants of the change, even a minor error in communication could play an unfortunate role in the form of braking the process of the change, or even, its planned positive impact can be completely devaluated.

Evaluating of the sequential steps could be a valuable support that are predefined and set and are a part of the change. This achieves a slight reduction in tension that always accompanies any change. It also brightens the final picture of the expected outcome of change and thus it can consolidate the belief in the right decision to enter the change process.

I know, a bit of luck is crucial in the end.

I would like to use the words used by Jose Mourinho when evaluating a football match. Listed 9.5. on


“Football philosophy is for me what a team does by a team. You need it, you need a game style that adapts to the qualities of your players. But if you want to win special matches, you just have to go against your philosophy. The Champions League semifinal is such a matchA battle that requires strategy.. For example, how to hide your weakness from your opponent.“But Ajax didn’t do that, ”Special One pointed out that the Dutch had driven themselves into perdition.

“Especially when Tottenham team changed its game in the second half, they played very straightforward football and had the lucky gods on their side. But the truth is that he was struggling hard for his happiness, ”Mourinho made a compliment to Spurs.

You know what I mean?