27. 05. 2019

Everything can be achieved!

Mr Josef Buchta is the one who claims it. After the success, which was the awarding of his managerial work in the field of culture at the announcement of the 26th year of the MANAGER OF THE YEAR competition, the meeting was held at the Maximus Brno resort during the continuation of regular Business Breakfasts. We have known each other for a long time, so I asked the questions that revealed the background to his success in interesting contexts. The attendees could perceive Josef Buchta’s immense determination to achieve his goal from the very beginning. This goal was to build an orchestra and everything that that is needed for its successful operation.

“Everyone discouraged me from this idea, and yet I insisted, I did not want to, even in the role of the first trumpeter, to sit under the stage only and sometimes hidden under the screen. I started studying the literature and attending the courses. I wanted to become a manager and leader of my band, ”said Josef Buchta with an equally fierce expression with which he started years ago to build not only the band but also his agency. He also shared with us the experience with the moments when he had to decide how to continue in a big project like “Bernstein’s Mass”. Hard work focused not only on perfection of details, but also on defending strategic decisions. All this also brings the ability to build and educate a team of co-workers.

“Sometimes a word is enough, sometimes it is not. They are no longer sentences and explanations as in the beginning to make something happen. I have a well-coordinated team now, ”said Mr Josef Buchta.

He represents a purposeful, tenacious manager who, with humility and a personal example, leads his team to further success. His words: “Everything can be achieved” are a great inspiration.