14. 04. 2019

How to be successful in sales?

The large number of products and competition there are around us. The customer can be navigate according to many parameters that are easy available. If the customer really needs something, and not just something he wants, so he is looking for a way to purchase very carefully . Here is the place to attract him.

If it is a sale through the internet or courier service, so the experience is important, that’s what the customer order , he has actually on time, quality and price. These sales are on a dramatic rise.

Not all sales may be carried out this way and the person comes into play here. I don’t care whether he is standing in the shop, or driving a car . It doesn’t matter what he sells . It is a proffesion that should be competent for.

The Competency

Consider competencies. Here it is important to note a certain context. Competence is developed the readiness of individuals to the profession, which is based on his talents, abilities, skills, habits, knowledge, attitudes and experience.

Talents are given to us genetically at birth

Abilities are a prerequisite for the business

Skills are the art of business

Habits are long-term repeat activities

Knowledge is a summary of the theoretical information

Attitudes are opinion on something

Experience is your own knowledge of the fact

The quality of the trader, and its success is based on the balance of this summary of competencies. It is one of the most difficult professions due to the fact that the first he should be able to sell himself in various situations and in contact with various customers. That is, according to me, the key to success in sales.

The Uniqueness

What does it mean? Each person is different – is unique. It simply builds on that, the trader should be unique, and thus has a chance to distinguish himselve from the competition. If he is focus on this simple link , so did the first step to distinguish from the masses of non-personal, uniformed and machine dealers, which you forget in five minutes, and sometimes with pleasure.

How to develop the uniqueness and diversity of the trader to increase his success in sales?

Ask yourself

  1. Which of the mentioned competencies are necessary for the trader?
  2. What I’m the strongest?
  3. What distinguishes me from the others?
  4. How I can use my advantages for communication with the customer?