27. 05. 2019

Machines will never bring new ideas

This statement was said in the debate of the members of HST – The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic http://www.hst.cz/cs/  in cooperation with IMD Alumni Club Czech & Slovak Republic. https://www.imd.org/alumni/clubs/czech-slovak/home/ with Artur Bris from https://www.imd.org/ when presenting his book The Future of Work and Pay 17.4. at PwC Prague.

Yes, of course it is. Just as machines never catch the moment when a butterfly sits on a flowering tree in the spring. So what can be inferred from this?

I will open a seemingly different topic. Working in the office – or even in the so-called “open space”, or the increasingly frequent possibility of working from home? How does this relate?

That is, in my opinion, just the spell of uniqueness of the moment and possible ideas we share with others The reaction is a feedback and often invokes an action that will bring a shift in solutions, progress in the way of achieving goals and sometimes only a sense of purpose to our actions. The team communication is also sometimes the germ of a completely new solution that an individual would come to later on. Another important point of communication is that when trying to explain our ideas to others, we often find connections and a follow-up solution that would not otherwise have occurred to us. It even happens during our monologue and we say something we did not even think about before.

So I am going back to the debate over the book, which was also about how many jobs will come with new technologies.

How, what and from whom will children learn? What will be important and necessary for them in the future?

My conclusion is as follows:

– Communication and its form

– Creativity and the ability to apply it

– The ability to perceive and respond to the environmental stimuli

But you will make your own opinion.